Tk-UI , T oolk it for U ser I nterface is Java Toolkit for declaratively building User Interfaces (UI). UI is described with an XML grammar (XUL, XHTML, etc.), logic is managed with a scripting language (JavaScript, etc.). UI is rendered with an actual GUI library like Swing , SWT , SWT forms ... There are a lot of Java API which manage XML and UI, but Tk-UI is different with those features :
  • build XML description of User Interface renderered with any renderer Swing , SWT , SWT forms ...
  • this XML description can be written with any grammar (XUL, XHTML, XForms, XAML...)
  • manage CSS styles
  • manage logic (controlleur) with scripts (Javascript...)
  • manage binding between scriptables object and l'UI.
  • XML/UI dynamique (write XML description XML with Freemarker, XSL...) to be able to use File object...and generate XML which describe tree of the object File and after build window with SWT, Swing...to display tree with folder.


Here schema Tk-UI architecure :